Refill Information

We are often asked about the best way to refill prescriptions, and the answer to that question depends upon what type of refill you’re seeking.

Routine or Daily Medications:  We need to see any patient with a chronic medical condition requiring medication in our office at least annually.  While your child is having their routine well child checks, please ask your physician for any refills that you think they might need for allergy medications, asthma meds, etc.  Depending upon the severity of your child’s asthma we may need to see them every 3-6 months rather than annually.  For all children on antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications, we need to see them at a minimum of every 6 months.  If you need a prescription refill and haven’t been seen within a year, please contact our centralized appointment line at 651-256-6714 to make an appointment.  If your child is having routine well child exams annually and you need a refill on a medication you have 2 options:  call your physician during the day to request a refill (this can typically be accomplished within the same day) or ask your pharmacy to fax a prescription refill request to your physician.  Because the doctors’ change offices regularly, refill requests from the pharmacy may take up to 1 week to catch up to your physician.   Our on-call physicians cannot refill prescriptions after hours based on the fact that they often do not have access to your child’s chart.  All refill requests after hours will be declined.

Stimulant Medications:  There are special circumstances that surround medications used in the the treatment of ADD/ADHD.  These medications are very closely monitored by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).   Children need to be seen at least every 6 months while on these medications, more frequently during periods of dosing adjustment.  The DEA also requires that parents obtain a hard copy of the prescription with their physician’s signature monthly.  Again, there are 2 ways in which this can be accomplished:  you can call the centralized appointment line at 651-256-6714 approximately 3-5 days prior to the time when you need to pick up your prescription and let them know your child’s name, medication, dosing and the office at which you’d like to pick up the prescription; or you can request that the prescription be mailed to your pharmacy (this option requires a minimum of 7days).