If your baby cries and cries, no matter how you try to comfort her, the cause may be colic.
About one-in-five babies develop colic — usually between one and four months of age.  They cry constantly, often extending or pulling up their legs, or passing gas. Sometimes their tummies are enlarged with air and gas from crying.  There’s no one cause of colic, but there are many different ways to ease your baby’s discomfort.  One way is to walk her in a soft-sided baby carrier that you strap to the front of your body.  You can also try laying her tummy-down across your knees and gently rubbing her back.  The pressure against her tummy may relieve her discomfort.  Breastfeeding moms can ask their pediatricians about a change in diet since your baby’s colic may stem from food sensitivity.

Often a trial of cow’s milk-free diet can be helpful.Keep in mind that colic usually disappears by four months of age, no matter what treatments you try. A recent study has demonstrated effectiveness of one of the pro-biotics called, Lactobacillus reuteri.  This is a naturally occuring bacteria that helps maintain gut health.  This article is summarized and the product is available on the website,, and click on the BioGaia product.